Our mission is to create good snack foods made with quality ingredients to promote healthy eating. 

Sharlay Smith, Owner

My Story




I am always asked about how I came up with this business, so here is the skinny. One day after having decided to take a break from teaching, I started to think about creating my own business, with the stipulation to working for myself was that it had to be something that would not feel like work. I began reflecting, which took me to moments in my childhood. Some of my fondest memories were cooking with my mother, especially when we were making fried lentils that became my family's favorite snack.


Like my mother, I made my favorite snack for my family, friends, and coworkers, which brought me joy to witness how much they enjoyed my gourmet fried lentils. In an instant, it occurred to me that this was it. my one thing that would not feel like work.


This is truly a dream come true to be able to do what I love as a business and share it with you.  I am thrilled to help others experience this amazing snack, and I hope you will tell others about it too. Thank you!


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